///\\\///\\\///\\\///\\\ WHOSE HISTORY IS BLACK HISTORY?


- - Did you know that in 1776 more Blacks fought with the British

than with George Washington? Why Did They?

- - What's Wrong With the Term "Slave Trade"?

- - Some Blacks Got Their 40 Acres and Their Mule - - Who Were They?

- - What Do Harriet Tubman and Elijah Muhammad Have in Common?

- - Can You Name the 25 Characteristics Shared by Malcolm X and Tupac



These and many, many more fact-based issues and analysis are presented in the talk "Whose History Is Black History?" by Yemi Toure. Quoting sources throughout, Yemi explores new and well-worn avenues in Black History with fresh insights.

Yemi is author of the forthcoming book "View From the Bridge," a study of Black historians, for Africa World Press. He is former associate professor at UCLA, and has written for publications as diverse as The Black Scholar and The New York Times. He holds a Master of Arts degree from UCLA, and has taught journalism and Black Studies at four universities.

He is editor of the web site HYPE, at http://afrikan.net/hype/

Yemi has been a student of history and a community activist since the Sixties. He was an invited speaker at the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid in 1977, and has spoken to academic and community audiences from Kentucky to London, from North Carolina to Nigeria.

He blends a full measure of facts and insights into a presentation that instructs and entertains.

Reach him at ytoure@mindspring.com, or call 404-526-5470 any time.


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