A Soul Prayer from a Brotha

I recently went to the Pan African Film Festival at the Magic Johnson Theatre in Los Angeles and saw a film entitled, " Sister I'm Sorry ". It was a moving and thought provoking experience to me. Any Brother that has lived an irresponsible and foolish life, as I did in the past should see this film. This film has not changed me because I made the change years ago and I'm still consciously growing, but what it did was remind me of the pain that I did cause some of my Sisters in the past and what I don't want to do again.

This does not relieve my Sisters of the personal responsibility of not allowing (and not participating in) this foolishness and irresponsibility into their lives through the selfish illusion of vanity, happiness, recreation or material things. We have to get back to the basics of life and leave the glitter and glamour behind. We better realize that unless WE are going to be cooperative slaves and dependent people on this plantation as opposed to a Strong, Self-sufficient people, that WE are not included in the productive formula for the Year 2000 and beyond. Yes, that includes those of you who have a job and car and think all is well. The only Black-African people (Nationally & Globally) that are planned for the Year 2000 are Slaves, Beggars, Puppets, Prisoners, Players and Entertainers (Independent Thinking, Self-Determining Black-African people that cannot be exploited or won't exploit their own are not included). Which one are you (The Truth Shall Set You Free).

We have been made to FEAR a man that does not even look like us more that WE fear GOD. For if that wasn't the truth, we wouldn't 1) feel so powerless, 2) worship him or his Holler-Days (Holidays for those who worship him) OR 3) allow him to tell us his-story (History) based upon his distortion and his documentation.

I was inspired by some mail that someone sent me recently and decided to revise it and customize it for MY BENEFIT and how it helps me to lift MY dedication toward improvement for the future for US (and Negroes please don't confuse US to mean the United Snakes of America). And yea I said Snakes. Please pass it on to as many Brothers & Sisters that you can. Peace.


Dear GOD, help me to never give up on YOU, myself or MY People: YOU bless me each day with Life, a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit and the opportunity to use them to the best of my abilities. That's all that I ask for and all that YOU should do. MY Selfish and Irresponsible choices of the past, which led to MY disappointments and failures OR contributed, to MY Sister's PAIN are behind ME.

I will continue to make an effort to seek those Sisters who I have caused PAIN in the past and ask for their forgiveness. I will not be that Entertainer or Player that most of us have been made to believe WE Brothers should be, but rather participate (something that is shared) in being that provider, example and protector of OUR people and OUR future.

I will apply more Work & Education and less Foolishness & Recreation in MY life. I pray that OUR Sisters & Brothers will put more priority on Re-Creation (Re-Building) & Education and less priority on Recreation (Playing) & Entertainment. From where I am right now, I can get to anywhere I want to be that is SENSIBLE and WITHIN REASON if I will make the Commitment, Sacrifice and Investment to do it.

Old decisions THAT I HAVE MADE that led to disappointments and failures will not hold ME back unless I continue to make those decisions OR allow them to hold me back. Waiting for YOU or someone to make things better, or hoping that the road will somehow get easier, is laziness and an insult to the daily blessings I receive from YOU and will only slow or delay MY progress and lead to more disappointments and failures.

I understand that wishing for a different past because of MY Selfishness and Irresponsibility will only waste MY time. I will make choices that are UNSELFISH, REASONABLE, RESPONSIBLE & FAIR for myself, my eventual mate, family and people those choices impact. I will use your blessing of Common Sense in choosing a Sister who's priority is that of Responsibility, Sensibility & Commitment to the continual improvement of OUR people instead of priorities of Wining, Dining & Collecting different Brothers for different occasions.

I accept the fact that Laziness, Selfishness and Irresponsibility is neither a sickness nor a curse but simply a CHOICE that I make. I will become more financially responsible and less financially foolish and will not allow others to become financially foolish to me for MY selfish gain.

The only one that is Emotionally, Financially & Physically responsible for ME is ME and to impose that upon someone else is truly Selfish, Inconsiderate and Irresponsible.

Before I go to sleep I will review these commitments to make certain that I have conducted my behavior in that manner so that YOU can continue to give me the blessings of a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit which leads to PEACE-OF-MIND.

And finally and most importantly, whatever I do unto MY Sisters and MY PEOPLE, I pray that YOU will do unto ME which puts me in a position to determine how I want to be treated.


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Posted 3/15/98