I receive a lot of mail from my subscribers on a variety of subjects. Some of the mail contains information that has been forwarded through many other persons. Other mail is an original compilation of thought where the writer is attempting to convey either 'first hand facts' that they know, or their individual opinion on a particular subject.

Since I have specifically avoided having an Internet 'Discussion' Email List, there is a need to respond to those email messages that should be addressed to the general readership. To accomplish this, I decided to post my thoughts on these selected topics to this web site. In this manner, I am able to feed back my position on given topics and the readership can read the information at their leisure with no additional mail coming to their mailbox.

The insight of the Information Man is no different than that of any other individual. It is my opinion, based on the facts absorbed through my life experiences. There will therefore be times, when this insight will be at odds with the opinion of some individual readers. From my perspective, this is a normal occurrence in the grand scheme of things. I hope, however, that this will be the basis for stimulating conversation. It is through listening to, and considering the thoughts of, others that test the substance of what it is that we believe.

With that in mind, I will always refer to my opinions and insight on various topics as: "IN MY INFINITE WISDOM!"


Sincerely yours,

Brother Mosi Hoj - The Information Man(TM)


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Posted 2/2/2003