Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 20:02:47 -0800

From: ak???@pacbell.net

To: infoman@informationman.com

Subject: I love BlackNews

Greetings infoman:

I have been a subscriber to BlackNews for several months now and I feel that some feed back is now in order. First, let me say how much I appreciate you and your service! Words can hardly describe the feeling of racial pride I feel whenever we as Africans produce work such as this-meaningful, relevant and crucial! Thank you. Secondly, the caliber of your reporting is superb, really you remind me (although at 30 years old, I suppose its racial memory) of Ida B. Wells and all of the other race women and men who accepted the responsibility of connecting all of our people via the media. Now, since I've buttered you up, you're probably waiting for the knock against you or Blacknews, there isn't one. I do have a suggestion however (smile), I want to know EVERYTHING about us, not just the daily assaults against us. What I mean is yeah, I want to know if some cracker in Tenn. has offended one of my own, but I also need to hear about the sistah in Washington who has the great Rights of Passage for the youth. Do you see what I am driving at? I need a balance of information about us, I don't want blinders, but I know for damn sure that not everything pertaining to us is racial terrorism, economic oppression, civil wars and strife! If you tell me that Chevron supported the killing of Nigerian activists please tell me more about the heroic struggles of the activists themselves. We (I) have to know that we are more than our circumstances, that we don't just respond to crises as they come up. We plan, strategize, implement, play, love, recreate our selves not only in spite of the conditions we find ourselves but because that's who we are! Whew, I started preaching for a min. there, I apologize. I have no doubt that you know all of this. But for my sense of peace amid struggle, please print the good stuff too!


Peace and Much Love,

A. G.


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Posted March 22, 1999