"The Meeting"



"The only race that has not made an (intellectual) contribution to civilization is the black race."

When the famous historian, Arnold Toynbee, made this statement, he was merely summarizing the general world view of "the black race." "1001 BLACK INVENTIONS" is a play created to end this misconception.

Pin Points is an educational theater company that promotes the vast intellectual accomplishments of Africans & African Americans. 1001 BLACK INVENTIONS has been performed at more than 2500 schools since 1982. With humor and drama, 1001 BLACK INVENTIONS proves that African Americans' foremost contributions to the world are in the sciences. This play features the lives of ingenious innovators then culminates with "The Twilight Zone," a typical American family attempting to survive in a world without Black inventions. Audiences laugh themselves into the realization that African American ingenuity is an integral part of their everyday lives.

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What would have happened if Malcolm X & Martin Luther King were locked in a hotel room together before they were both gunned down in a hail of bullets, just three years apart? This intriguing drama is the subject of the powerful drama, THE MEETING.

Written by Jeff Stetson, THE MEETING received a Louis B. Mayer Award, eight NAACP Theatre Awards, and six New York AUDELCO nominations. It has completed tours throughout the United States and Europe. And now it's coming your way.

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Posted February 2, 2003