The Parents of the Thompson Sextuplets Need OUR Help!!!!



We have seen and heard an extraordinary amount of news coverage regarding the McCaughey septuplets in Des Moines, Iowa. What a miracle! It is wonderful that corporate America as well as well-wishers nationwide are rallying to the support of these wonderful young parents of seven newborns.

But, one of OUR families, Linden and Jackie Thompson, who live in Washington, DC, gave birth to sextuplets on May 8, 1997. Unfortunately, one of the sextuplets did not survive. However, to date, there have been NO corporate sponsors: NO baby food or clothing, NO disposable diapers, NO transportation, NO house, etc. To corporate America, THESE FIVE BABIES are no big deal! (Updates)

Please do not let seven babies be the measure of special need in OUR community. The Thompsons need OUR help! Since they are currently residing in a two-bedroom apartment, their immediate need is for a house. Presently, one is available to them in Glenarden, Maryland, but the Thompsons do not have a down-payment. KINDLY give this situation your prompt attention by making an IMMEDIATE donation to:

The Thompson Sextuplet Fund

c/o Riggs Bank

PO Box 96758

Washington, DC 20090-6758

And remember, no donation is too small! This is the perfect time for OUR community to show that we understand the real meaning of the old African proverb, "it takes a village to raise a child."

For specific information regarding the fund-raising or the Thompson's needs, please call 301-499-8976.

SPECIAL NOTE OF THANKS to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, WKYS-FM (Washington, DC), WUSA-TV (Washington, DC CBS affiliate), and 'Sisters In Touch' , for their dedication in soliciting assistance for Linden and Jackie Thompson and their five surviving children.


Peace and Love,


Bro. Mosi Hoj, The Information Man


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