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1883 - Hubert Henry Harrison, is born in St. Croiix, Virgin Islands.

        He will become, by the 1920s, one of the nation's most

        prominent atheists.  Harrison will recognize the connection

        between racism and religion, and point this out quite

        bluntly.  The Bible was a slave master's book in Harrison's

        eyes, which not only sanctioned the keeping of slaves, but

        even gave advice on their handling.  He will state that

        any African American person who accepts Christianity was

        either ignorant or crazy.  He also will address Islam by

        stating that the slave masters may have been largely

        Christian, but many of the slave traders were Muslims,

        apparently not deterred by their faith. He will join the

        ancestors on December 17, 1927.


1903 - The publication of W.E.B. DuBois's "TThe Souls of Black Folk"

        crystallizes opposition to Booker T. Washington's program

        of social and political subordination.


1903 - Maggie L. Walker is named president of Ricchmond's St. Luke

        Penny Bank and Trust Company and becomes the first woman to

        head a bank.


1903 - The U.S. Supreme Court upholds clauses in the Alabama state

        constitution which disfranchises African Americans.


1927 - Coretta Scott is born in Marion, Alabama. She will marry

        Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1953 and be an integral part of

        his civil rights activities. After his assassination in

        1968, she will continue her civil rights activities,

        founding the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent

        Change in Atlanta, Georgia.  She will join the ancestors on

        January 31, 2006 after succumbing to complications of a

        stroke and heart attack.


1944 - Cuba M. Gooding, Sr. is born in New York CCity, New York. He will

        become the lead singer of the soul group, The Main Ingredient

        best known for its two biggest hits, "Everybody Plays the

        Fool" (1972) and "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely" (1974).

        He will also have a brief solo career on Motown Records

        during the late-1970s and early-1980s. His biggest

        international success will be Brian Auger's "Happiness Is

        Just Around the Bend" in 1983, which in recent times will be

        sampled by several Rhythm & Blues artists, as well as

        hitting the charts again as a remix by United Kingdom

        Hardcore Rave group Altern-8 in 1991. In the same year,

        samples from the song will also feature prominently in

        Bizarre Inc's single "Playing With Knives." He will release

        a single called "Politics" in September, 2007. He will also

        develop a film project called "Everybody Plays the Fool: The

        Cuba Gooding Story." The film will highlight three

        generations of the Gooding Family: Dudley "Cuba" Gooding,

        Cuba Gooding, Sr., and Cuba Gooding, Jr. 00n the Boat Trip DVD

        trivia track, it will state that he will appear in the 2003

        romantic-comedy "The Fighting Temptations," which will star

        his son Cuba Gooding, Jr., but he will not be in the movie.

        In 1999 he, along with Mark Yardley and David James will write

        the international house hit, "Back and Forth" by the Supakings.



1949 - Herbert Lee (Herbie) Murrell is born in Laane, South Carolina. He

        will become a member of the Rhythm and Blues group, the

        Stylistics. Formed in 1968 in Philadelphia, the Stylistics will

        first achieve some regional attention in 1971 with the

        simplistic "You're A Big Girl Now," most notable for its

        contrast to the work they will record a year later. Their Avco

        Records debut will be a Philly Soul masterpiece, containing a

        basket of marvelous compositions by Thom Bell and co-writer

        Linda Creed that will become soul standards covered by other

        artists for the next 30 years. "You Are Everything," "Betcha By

        Golly Wow," "Stop Look Listen" and "People Make the World Go

        Round" will all rocket up the Pop and Soul charts, and

        immediately make the Stylistics the most sought after Soul

        balladeers. The Stylistics will team with veteran producer

        Preston Glass in 2009 and record a new album, "That Same Way,"

        which wILL be released in Europe and Asia in late 2009 and in

        the United States in 2011. It will be a great return to form

        and the group's best album in a quarter century. It will also

        win the group a nomination for the 2011 SoulTracks Readers'

        Choice Awards. The Stylistics will continue to tour regularly

        and actively around the world.


1960 - Togo achieves its independence from Francee.  Sylvanus

        Olymplo serves as its first prime minister.


1961 - Sierra Leone obtains its independence fromm Great Britain

        with Dr. Milton Margai as its first prime minister.


1961 - Kwame Nkrumah, African statesman and the ffirst president of

        Ghana, joins the ancestors in exile, in Conarky, Guinea at

        the age of 62.


1977 - Artist Charles Alston joins the ancestors in New York City.

        After studying at Columbia University and Pratt Institute,

        he had traveled to Europe and the Caribbean before

        executing murals for Harlem Hospital and Golden State

        Mutual Life Insurance Company in Los Angeles.  A recipient

        of the National Academy of Design Award, he also received

        the first-place award of the Atlanta University

        Collection's 1942 show for his gouache "Farm Boy."  His

        best known works are "Family" and "Walking." Among his

        other notable works are "School Girl," "Frederick Douglass,"

        and "Nobody Knows."


1994 - The first "Freedom Day" takes pllace in South Africa.




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"InfoBeat," "I, Too, Sing America - The African American>

Book of Days," "Before the Mayflower", "Black Firsts" and 

independent research by Rene’ A. Perry.




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