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1841 - Thirty-five survivors of the "Amistaad" return home to



1922 - Marcus Garvey electrifies a crowd at Libeerty Hall in

        New York City as he states the goals and principles

        of the Universal Negro Improvement Association

        (UNIA): "We represent peace, harmony, love, human

        sympathy, human rights and human justice...we are

        marshaling the four hundred million Negroes of the

        world to fight for the emancipation of the race and

        for the redemption of the country of our fathers."


1935 - Namahyoke Sokum Curtis, who led a team off 32 African

        Americans to nurse yellow fever victims during the

        Spanish-American War, joins the ancestors. She will

        be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


1941 - Annie Mae Bullock is born in Nutbush, Tennnessee.  She

        will meet Ike Turner in the early 1950's at a St.

        Louis, Missouri club.  Soon after, she will begin

        singing with his band on occasional engagements, and

        in 1959, form the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.  After

        separating from Ike and the band, she will build an

        even more successful career on her own, which will

        include the multi-platinum album, "Private Dancer"

        and five Grammy awards.


1949 - Dr. Ralph J. Bunche receives the Spingarnn Medal for

        his contributions to the Myrdal study and his

        achievements as UN mediator in the Palestine



1949 - The St. Louis chapter of CORE presses a ssit-in

        campaign designed to end segregation in downtown St.

        Louis facilities.


1955 - The Interstate Commerce Commission bans ssegregation

        in interstate travel. The law affects buses and

        trains as well as terminals and waiting rooms.


1987 - Harold Washington, the first African Amerrican mayor

        of Chicago, Illinois, joins the ancestors, in office

        at the age of 65.


1997 - Legendary Eddie Robinson, of Grambling Sttate University,

        coaches his last game as head coach.  This will close

        out a career spanning 57 years.  He has the NCAA record

        for wins at 402. The closest to Eddie Robinson's record

        is 'Bear' Bryant of the University of Alabama at 323



1998 - Comedian Flip Wilson joins the ancestors in Malibu,

        California, at the age of 64.




The source for these facts are "Encyclopedia Britannica,

"InfoBeat," "I, Too, Sing America - The African American

Book of Days," "Before the Mayflower", "Black Firsts" and 

independent research by Rene’ A. Perry.




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