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1783 - George Washington's farewell address to his troops is

        held at Fraunces Tavern in New York City.  The tavern

        is owned by Samuel "Black Sam" Fraunces, a wealthy

        West Indian of African and French descent who aided

        Revolutionary forces with food and money.


1807 - Prince Hall, activist and Masonic leader, joins the

        ancestors in Boston, Massachusetts.


1833 - The American Anti-Slavery Society is founded in

        Philadelphia by James Barbados, Robert Purvis, James

        McCrummell, James Forten, Jr., John B. Vashon and



1895 - Fort Valley State College is established in Georgia.


1895 - The South Carolina Constitutional Convention adopted a

        new constitution with "understanding clause" designed

        to eliminate African American voters.


1899 - The Fifty-Sixth Congress convenes with only one African

        American congressman, George H. White, from North



1906 - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is founded on the

        campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York,

        becoming the first African American Greek-letter



1909 - The New York "Amsterdam News" is founded by James

        Anderson. Originally priced at two cents, it will grow

        to a circulation of almost 35,000 by 1990.


1915 - The NAACP leads protest demonstrations against the

        showing of the racist movie, "Birth of a Nation."


1915 - The Ku Klux Klan receives its charter from Fulton

        County, Georgia Superior Court. The modern Klan will

        spread to Alabama and other Southern states and reach

        the height of its influence in the twenties.  By 1924,

        the organization will be strong in Oklahoma, Indiana,

        California, Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio, and have an

        estimated four million members.


1927 - President Coolidge commutes Marcus Garvey's sentence.

        Garvey will be taken to New Orleans and deported to his

        native Jamaica.


1927 - The NAACP's Spingarn Medal is awarded to Anthony Overton,

        publisher, insurance executive and cosmetics

        manufacturer, for his achievements as a businessman.


1927 - Duke Ellington's big band opens at the famed Cotton Club

        in Harlem.  It is the first appearance of the Duke's

        new and larger group.  He will play the club until 1932.


1943 - Professional baseball's commissioner Landis announces

        that any club may sign Negroes to a playing contract.


1956 - Bernard King is born in Brooklyn, New York. He will become

        a professional basketball player at the small forward

        position in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He

        will play 14 seasons with the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz,

        Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and the Washington

        Bullets. He will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial

        Basketball Hall of Fame on September 8, 2013.


1958 - Dahomey (Benin), and the Ivory Coast become autonomous

        within the French Community of Nations.


1969 - The Pulitzer Prize for photography is awarded to Moneta

        Sleet Jr. of Ebony magazine.  He is the first African

        American male cited by the Pulitzer committee.


1969 - Clarence Mitchell Jr., director of the Washington Bureau

        of the NAACP, is awarded the Spingarn Medal "for the

        pivotal role he....played in the enactment of civil

        rights legislation."


1969 - Two Black Panther leaders, Fred Hampton (Illinois State

        Chairman) and Mark Clark, join the ancestors after

        being killed in a Chicago police raid.  The two men are

        shot while sleeping in their beds by 14 police officers. 

        About a hundred bullets had been fired in what police

        described as a fierce gun battle with members of the

        Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton is just 21 years old

        and Mark Clark was 22.


1977 - Jean-Bedel Bokassa, ruler of the Central African Empire,

        crowns himself.


1981 - According to South Africa, Ciskei gains independence,

        but is not recognized as an independent country outside

        South Africa.


1982 - Hershel Walker, a University of Georgia running back who

        amassed an NCAA record of 5,097 yards in three seasons,

        is named the Heisman Trophy winner.  He is only the

        seventh junior to win the award.  He will go on to play

        with the New Jersey Generals of the U.S. Football League

        and the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.


1990 - The Watts Health Foundation reports revenues in excess of

        $100 million for the first year in its history. 

        Established in 1967, the Foundation grew from its initial

        site on riot-torn 103rd Street to serve over 80,000

        residents of the Greater Los Angeles area with its HMO,

        United Health Plan, and its numerous community-based

        programs.  Led by CEO Dr. Clyde Oden, it is the largest

        community-based health care system of its kind in the



1992 - United States troops land in the country of Somalia.





The source for these facts are "Encyclopedia Britannica,

"Before the Mayflower", "Black Firsts" and independent

research by Mr. Rene’ A. Perry, Sr.




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National Museum of African American History and Culture - located in Washington, DC


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